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Personal epiphany

The same old questions have followed me throughout my career. "Which is more important, customer service or the sales process?" I've spent 25 professional years reading, studying, observing, learning, and experiencing the practice and principles of both. Why do they seem to be at odds with each other?

Why am I drawn equally to both and yet neither seem to provide fulfillment in my life?

I recently had my personal epiphany as to "why" I have such an inexplicable connection to both. The answer and solution is so simple, so absolutely easy to discover, that I had missed it for decades.

Relationships! Any joy I feel in both of these areas of business are tied simply to human connection. I thrive on the communicative process required to truly communicate and connect with other people. I don't get fulfillment from closing a sale or delighting a customer; rather, I am filled-up by the connection process it takes to get to both of these points.

All of my academic work and college degrees are in Speech, Interpersonal, and Organizational communications. Clearly, I've been "missing my calling," but I'm finally on track and loving it.

Working now as an ICF and iPEC Certified Professional Life, Leadership, and Relationship Coach is simultaneously soul-filling, satisfying, and thrilling.

So, as to the question of "Sales or Service?", I now answer "neither."

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