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My Personal Crash

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

At 44 yrs old - I CRASHED, hard!  I’m a happily married man of nearly 25 years.  Father of 6 amazing children.  Spiritually grounded and emotionally supported.  And now even a grandfather!  I’ve had major ups and downs with finances, feelings, Life & Death, friends, and family, loss and gain.

It all culminated in the early fall of ‘17.  Within a span of a few days I had a mental/emotional collapse from life’s stress and anxiety, re-experienced a forgotten childhood trauma from 38 years previous, and was injured significantly from being hit from behind in a car accident.  I was brought to a dark and very low place.  How did my life become so out-of-balance? 

But what does it mean to find your center?  To live with purpose inside your own life; boundaried, happy, in peace?  To find real balance in life, love, relationships, faith, and self?  What does it mean to be “in connection” with others? 

These are the questions when personally fulfilled, free us “to Become” more than we ever dreamed possible.  I have found mine.  As a Professional Life, Leadership, and Relationship Coach, we will work together to achieve and surpass your dreams, passions, hopes, goals, and connections.  Increase energy.   It’s never about the coach; it’s always about you, the client and re-discovering and pursuing what/who you really are; To BECOME!

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