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TRUTH - so rare, so powerful.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

What is TRUTH? How and why is it significantly different than"True"? Why am I unalterably and inexplicably drawn to "Truth"? I even named my company "Coaching In Truth"!

I invite you to read below for 30 seconds... and tell me, am I mistaken?

Let’s consider “TRUTH” in the following way: = T. R. U. T. H.

Trust – As we allow ourselves to actually listen, to consider the reality that some things exist eternally - as a reality outside of our opinion or views - and that other persons may have perceptions capable of enhancing our own understanding, we can choose humility to become teachable. We can position ourselves to learn.

Receive – By choosing to live openly, to receive more information about our views and perceptions, and willingly consider new things, we become a fertile bed of receptivity to truth, able and open to listen to and consider varied views of others.

Understand - As our hearts and minds begin to open up to new and advanced truths, received as shared and presented by others, or as perceived through our own open studiousness, we can absorb and seek to understand insights within us and add to the truths we already possess.

Transform – Once understood, and if we are still open and willing, our strong opinions begin to soften, our views become more considerate, our internal light gets brighter, real empathy grows, compassion towards others increases, and we become new and different individuals; filled with more self-worth, centered and anchored in Truth.

Heal – The culmination of this process, is how we “Become”! It provides and promotes healing of heart, mind and soul. IE: We Become ever more Centered in Truth.

So, Why is T.R.U.T.H. so rare, but powerful? Because accepting Truth requires purposeful humility and meekness; a truly fading and more rare character trait. These are often seen as weak and foolish. And yet, the stronger our commitment to seek and live inside of truth, our insecurities fade. Self-awareness is deeply accessed while self-worth increases. We feel less-and-less threatened by others views; and instead, more intrigued; more powerful!

TRUTH is beautiful. It is infinite and unchangeable. It is verifiable by other parties independent of our personal opinions or perspectives. The phrase "the Truth shall set you free!" is far more real than just a simple saying; its wisdom is a literal narrow - strait and straight - avenue leading us to ever increasing personal power and greater freedom.

The following is TRUTH , as written or symbolized in many cultures and languages...

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