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Professional Speaking &  Presentations

   Seminars, Firesides, Business & Employee Trainings,

Social Events, Presentations, Receptions, Demonstrations... 


Aaron Parker -  CPC, BA, ELI-MP

~ iPEC Certified Professional Coach in:

    Life, Executive Leadership, Relationships

~ Experienced Trainer, Coach, Mentor, and

    Speaker; Skilled presenter/adviser 

    Centered in Life & Work Balance.

~ Diverse background in Business, Group,

   and Interpersonal Communications.  



In association with...

Cheryl McBride -  LCSW

~ Private Practice specializing in

    treating Mental Health, Anxiety,

    Trauma, Depression, Eating Disorders.

~ Clinical Director, Co-Owner at Sunrise

    Residential Treatment Center.


~ Master Crisis/Trauma Worker, Professional 

    Clinical Services for couples, families, 

    groups, individuals.

Professionally Accredited, Trained, Experienced & Expert in 

Centering in Truth  |  Mental Health & wellness  |  Fear vs Faith  |  Performance

Shame vs Guilt  |  Peace  |  Recognizing Anxiety / Panic / Depression   

Recognizing inherent Self-Worth ... "Enoughness"


Decades of real-world experience.  Use of Modern day modalities, vast knowledge base, personal empathy, advanced training / processes to create a relevant and easily comprehended platform of understanding. 


 Re-Center your Body / Mind / Spirit in Truth.  Rediscover Hope in-and-for the future.  Reignite your faith, purpose, and passion.  Restore an Enlivened Perspective.  Re-Enlighten a broken or shadowed heart. 


These events bring about a myriad of emotions and ideas.   It is common to experience laughter, tears, and even wonder throughout the presentational and interactive style utilized during events and training.   

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