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Coaching In Truth

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Aaron L Parker


Life - Leadership - Relationships 

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23+ Years of Trusted Professional Experience
What is Coaching?

"Coaching" is the process of partnering with a skilled and trained personal coach for the purpose of discovering and working through obstacles, inner blocks, assumptions, and interpretations.  The ultimate goal is to help each client excel, accomplish, and achieve their hopes, desired objectives, and successfully pursue dreams. 

The partnering coach should be accredited.  Someone that specializes in listening to and helping clients see and understand themselves in new and more intimate ways.  Properly trained coaches utilize definable processes, tools, skills, methodologies, and accreditations that qualify them to help guide their clients through known or unseen internal, inhibiting, energy consuming, belief systems that have become part of the reality and perceptive lens' through which life is experienced.  

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Why Coaching Works?
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What do the following people all have in common: Sandi Siemens, Seth Riggs, Phil Jackson, and Bob Bowman? These are the incredible - but much lesser known - "coaches" to the following 4 famous Michaels (respectively): Michael Buble,

Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Michael Phelps.

Each of these elite Michaels had tremendous skill and innate star-power potential; and yet... they all reached this top tier status by purposely and consistently using a coach. The coach's work is - NEVER - about them; it is 100% about the client. 

So What? 

What does this mean for you?

The TRUTH:   

Throughout our lives, we create and develop a unique, complicated, specific, comprehensive,  and exceptionally personalized lens of reality.  This is the "how" we receive and perceive all sensory experiences.  A lifetime of familial norms, social and cultural expectations, peer pressures, religious and political beliefs, human interactions and experiences, and even genetic traits are all contributing factors.  It affects everything we think, feel, and choose. 

With skilled assistance and guidance from a partner coach, each client is able to examine and consider their perceptions - an individual reality.  This process empowers them to make purposeful decisions about how these enhanced and broader views may help them surpass previous successes or failures, accomplish hopes, exceed expectations, and even overcome and conquer real or perceived fears.  

Accredited and trained coaches exist for one purpose only; to help each client see and comprehend their"true for you", and then together, navigate opportunities to empower the client to make changes in their life and future; to Center in Truth.  

What People Are Saying.
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"I have known Aaron in a working capacity for over twenty years, he's been a friend almost as long. Aaron is unique in some interesting ways; his level of enthusiasm and motivation are second to none. He doesn't get flustered in chaos, he is creative, and methodical at the same time. That's not easy to find in a senior executive. Aaron is loyal, dedicated, and has an ability to bring excitement to the mundane and difficult. His work ethic is excellent and his standards high. He is compassionate and understanding, which allows him to push everyone around him whilst maintaining empathy and understanding of each individuals situation. Aaron is a dedicated family man and has found a healthy balance between work and home. I recommend Aaron without hesitation."

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Wayne Scholes
Executive Chairman at Laduma
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